Fire Risk Assessment - Factories & Warehouse Facilities

Fire Risk Assessment Inspection Report - FACTORIES & WAREHOUSES:

MG Fire Safety Group are ex-fire & rescue services & fully qualified & accredited life safety fire risk assessors through the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE). Our fire risk assessors can conduct a fire risk assessment on any type of commercial or residential premises.

Our fire risk assessors have each conducted 1000's of fire risk assessments for both workplace and residential types of premises.
Our experience will assist you in passing fire authority, local council authority & local building control fire safety inspections.

Our Fire Risk Assessment: Your Protection:

Our services are conducted to the highest standards. We work with you, the local fire service & local building control (if required), to provide the most practical solutions to enable legal compliance & protect life, property & infrastructure.
Our qualified fire safety knowledge & experience, has also enabled us to manage the fire safety for multiple:

1. Heritage Sites
2. Listed Buildings
3. Conservation Areas &
4. Planning & Building Applications

Our knowledge & experience has enabled us to assist clients to manage any fire service notice placed upon their premises - such as:

1. Notice Of Deficiency
2. Alterations Notice
3. Enforcement Action Notice
4. Prohibition Notice/ Restriction Notice
5. Prosecution

Institute Of Fire Engineers Qualified Fire Risk Assessors - 30 Years Ex-Fire Service
(30 years ex-fire service IFE accredited life safety fire risk assessors)

Full Members Of The Fire Protection Association - The Number 1 Fire Protection Organisation in the UK
(The number one fire protection organisation in the United Kingdom)

Full Members of the British Standards Institute - We maintain all relevant & current fire safety standards
(We maintain all relevant & current fire safety standards)

Fire Risk Assessment: Legal Standards

1. The Fire Safety Order 2005
2. The Housing Act 2004
4. Purpose Built Blocks Of Flats
5. BS 9991: 2015
6. BS 9999: 2017
7. ADBv1: 2010/ 2019
8. ADBv2: 2010/ 2019
9. Active Fire Protection
10. Passive Fire Protection
Fire Risk Assessment Reading in Factories & Warehouses - working with the British Standards Institute - Making Excellence a Habit

Fire Risk Assessment - Prescriptive Approach (Pres-Ap):

Fire risk assessments are required to conform to regulatory guidance/ government legislation as well as other codes of practice such as British Standards. Designing and maintaining a building premises to comply to these standards is what is required by-law and is generally termed - "Prescriptive Guidance". It is by no means a straight-forward exercise - this may incorporate technical Building Regulations, the Fire Safety Order & British Standards, to all work in harmony to achieve both life safety & property protection to comply to any current or proposed built-environment.

Fire Risk Assessment - Performance Approach (Perf-Ap):

This is dependent on whether a new build or, proposed refurbishment, to fire engineered methods are to be adopted & coupled with the risk profile of a premises that can incorporate a design based approach on those findings - usually incorporating mathematical risk based data and a tailor-made style risk assessment for an individual type of premises - can allow for the use of the building to be more flexible to certain occupiers, yet less flexible for others. Furthermore, it shows & clearly improves individual properties fire safety immeasurably, within any built-environment - commercial or residential.

Fire Risk Assessment - Legal Flexible Approach (LFA) - (Fire Engineered Methods)

Fire risk assessments should include both prescriptive & performance based elements to cover:

1. Life Safety
2. Compartment Fire Protection
3. Building Construction & Safety
4. Business Continuity & Economics
5. Fire & Rescue Safety & Environmental

We assist you, your occupants and your building by providing both prescriptive & performance-based risk assessments. Assisting you in the management of your built-environment & providing that all invaluable LPCB insurance cover that you pay for year in, year out.
Providing legal life safety, property protection & fire safety design, management & use of buildings fire inspection reports.

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Our Fire Safety Risk Assessors/ Fire Safety Managers - Manage All Types Of Premises & Building Occupancy Fire Safety.

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Fire Risk Assessment Reading - Fire Risk Assessment Inspection Report - Factories & Warehouses in Reading, Caversham, Earley, Twyford, Winnersh, Wokingham, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Camberley, Farnborough, Ascot & Bagshot.