"Life Safety, Building Safety & Fire Safety Consultancy"


Fire Safety Strategy

A fire strategy covers many areas. Our technical fire safety, guides our clients in occupancy characteristics & floor space factors for all types of premises & takes into account the number of fire escape routes & the size of fire doors. Providing maximum occupancy.

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Fire Safety Management

All business premises, no matter how small or large, require suitable fire safety management policies and procedures to suit the needs of the business environment in-which they operate. Suitable fire safety management protects life, property & infrastructure.

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Fire Evacuation Drills

Fire evacuation drills, emergency evacuation drills, personal emergency evacuation plans & general emergency evacuation plans are required by the majority of workplaces. The frequency & type depends on the size & nature of your workplace operations.

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Fire Door Survey Report

Fire doors are life and property protection devices designed to allow occupants to escape in a fire, prevent a fire from spreading from its room of fire origin & provide the fire & rescue services time to carry out vital fire fighting operations. Need to know more?

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Fire Alarm Zone Plans

Fire alarm systems are designed to provide early warning when they operate. Suitable evacuation depends on many factors. A fire alarm zone & fire alarm escape plan is primary & required to expedite occupants escape & assist fire & rescue service access operations.

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