Fire & Safety Signs - Survey, Installation & Certification

Fire Exit & Fire Escape Route Signs Survey & Fire Safety Signs Survey - Compliant to BS 5499-4: 2013 & BS 5499-10: 2014:

Fire Exit & Fire Escape Route Signs & Safety Signs & Notices:

We provide full fire exit & fire escape route signage surveys as well as full fire & safety signage surveys of ALL workplace premises, albeit, small to medium business enterprises through to large workplace environments or the extremely large complex business premises types.

Selecting & positioning fire & safety signs within ANY building or workplace premises environment is most definitely an major part of each buildings fire safety strategy & planning requirements.

Just putting signs up all over the place does not compliance make.
The right sign, in the right location, at the correct height can make all the difference.
Suitable selection & positioning of fire exit, fire escape route & fire safety signs is also more aesthetically eye-pleasing.

Our fire exit & fire escape route signage surveyors & fire & safety signage surveyors are ALL fully qualified ex-fire service fire safety officers, whom are ALL fully qualified (IFE accredited) life safety fire risk assessors with each assessor having 30 years qualified experience.

Fire Exit & Fire Escape Route - Fire Safety Sign Survey & Installation - Advantages:

  • Providing better staff awareness throughout the building
  • Providing staff confidence throughout the building
  • Providing assistance to trained fire wardens within the building
  • Providing assistance to trained building incident officers in the building
  • Increasing staff awareness and fire safety knowledge of the building
  • Assisting staff in reduced fire evacuation times within the building
  • Assisting staff, students, visitors & contractors in suitable evacuation times

Selection, Positioning & Installation: (Current & In-Date Standards Apply)

  • BS 5499-4: 2013 (Escape Route Signing & Viewing Distances)
  • BS 5499-10: 2014 (Safety Signs & Fire Notices)
  • BS EN ISO 3864-1: 2011 (Symbols, Safety Colours, Signs & Markings)
  • BS EN ISO 3864-1: 2011 (Viewing Distances)
  • BS EN ISO 7010: 2020 +A1: 2020 (Sign Categories)
  • The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996

Fire Exit & Fire Escape Route Sign Surveyors & Fire Risk Assessors: Personal Behaviour:

  • Ethical - Fair, truthful, sincere, honest & discreet
  • Open-Minded - Willing to consider alternative ideas or points of view
  • Diplomatic - Tactful in dealing with people
  • Observant - Actively observing physical surroundings & activities
  • Perceptive - Aware of and able to understand situations
  • Versatile - Able to adapt readily to different situations
  • Tenacious - Persistent and focused on achieving objectives
  • Decisive - Able to reach timely conclusions based on logical reason & analysis
  • Acts with Fortitude - Providing unpopular guidance, responsibly & ethically
  • Culturally Sensitive - Observant and respectful to the culture of the client
  • Collaborative - Effectively interacting with others albeit managers or directors.

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Our Fire Safety Risk Assessors/ Fire Safety Managers - Manage All Types Of Premises & Building Occupancy Fire Safety.

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