Fire Extinguisher Commission To Service

Fire Extinguisher - Commission to Service:

We provide fire extinguisher service, supply & maintenance for all workplace premises from Offices to Shops through to Schools, Colleges, Hospitals or Factories & Warehouses. We also survey your workplace as part of our standard annual fire extinguisher service plan.

We provide full installation of every type of fire extinguisher to meet BS 5306-8: 2012 and full service routines to meet BS 5306-3: 2017 by BAFE qualified fire extinguisher service technicians. Fire Extinguisher Service, Supply & Maintenance - Call 0800 999 8595.

We Provide Full Fire Extinguisher Service Plans to:

1. BS 5306-3: 2017 (Service & Maintenance)
2. BS 5306-8: 2012 (Survey & Siting)
3. BS 5306-9: 2015 (Environment)

All Technicians Are Ex-Fire Service
All Technicians Are IFE Accredited Fire Risk Assessors
All Technicians Are BAFE Qualified
Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance - Annual Survey & Certificate to meet BS 5306-3: 2017 - Reading, Berkshire

Fire Extinguisher Spare Parts Added + Fire Certificate to meet BS 5306-3: 2017 - Reading, BerkshireService Includes: All Basic Spare Parts:

1. Tamper Tags
2. Gauge Patches
3. O' Rings
4. OK Indicators
5. Steel Pins
6. Service Labels
7. Service Certificate
8. Survey Report (If Required)

Commission to Service:

Have you purchased NEW fire extinguishers?
If Yes, all new fire extinguishers will require 'Commissioning to Service'.
This is similar to your annual service, except assembly & siting is also required.
Following the suitable assembly & siting, an Certificate must also be provided.

This is to ensure:

1. The fire extinguisher is fit for purpose after technician or courier delivery
2. The fire extinguisher is full, charged & undamaged to BS 5306-3: 2017
3. The fire extinguisher is serviceable & safe to use to BS 5306-3: 2017
4. The fire extinguisher is sited in the safest position to BS 5306-8: 2012
5. The fire extinguisher is certificated to BS 5306-3: 2017 & BS 5306-8: 2012

The above also requires:

A. The fire extinguisher is fire point sited
B. The fire extinguisher is fitted correctly
C. The fire extinguisher is fitted at the correct height
D. The fire extinguisher is fitted in the safest location

Attention: All fire extinguishers shall be subject to commissioning on initial positioning to meet BS 5306-3: 2017 certification.

Legal Guidelines:

  • The commissioning of an extinguisher should be carried out by a competent person as defined in BS 5306-3: 2017 - TC (3.6).
  • Upon removal from its packaging and transit protection, and immediately prior to placing in its designated place, the extinguisher should undergo the sequence of commissioning service actions described in Annexe A, taking into account the safety precautions given in clause 4.
  • Upon completion of the above procedures, the extinguisher shall be installed & positioned in accordance with BS 5306-8: 2012.

Fire Extinguisher Commission & Installation:

1. Assemble New Units
2. Commission To Service
3. Site Stand New Units
4. Fit To Wall New Units
5. Fit & Site Suitable Signage
6. Fit Legal Service Labels
7. Provide Service Certificate
8. Provide Survey Report (If Required)
Fire Extinguisher Fitting to Wall & Installation to meet BS 5306-8: 2012 - Reading, Berkshire

Fire Extinguisher Technician & Fire Risk Assessors: Personal Behaviour:

  • Ethical - Fair, truthful, sincere, honest & discreet
  • Open-Minded - Willing to consider alternative ideas or points of view
  • Diplomatic - Tactful in dealing with people
  • Observant - Actively observing physical surroundings & activities
  • Perceptive - Aware of and able to understand situations
  • Versatile - Able to adapt readily to different situations
  • Tenacious - Persistent and focused on achieving objectives
  • Decisive - Able to reach timely conclusions based on logical reason & analysis
  • Acts with Fortitude - Providing unpopular guidance, responsibly & ethically
  • Culturally Sensitive - Observant and respectful to the culture of the client
  • Collaborative - Effectively interacting with others albeit managers or directors.

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Our Fire Safety Risk Assessors/ Fire Safety Managers - Manage All Types Of Premises & Building Occupancy Fire Safety.

Contact Us for your legal, cost-effective ex-fire service, Fire Safety Officer Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance on: 0800 999 8595.

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